Easily manage user and agent information on the fly

Simple and Powerful User Management

Manage users quickly and easily thanks to a fully-featured user management system made with Support Board. Provide a great user experience for both users and agents.

Users management

Registration and login

Registration and Login

We offer complete user management. Allow visitors to register and log in directly from the chat. Personalize the registration form with custom fields, and require registration before starting a chat.

  • Registration and login system
  • Require registration before starting the chat
  • Custom fields

Manage Users and Agents

Keep your most important customer data in one place. Create new users on the fly, edit existing ones, limit agent privileges and view or edit user details directly from your conversations.

  • Create new users and agents
  • Edit or delete users and agents
  • Delete bulk users
  • Manage privileges
Users management

Users table

Find, Sort and Filter

Search for users by name, email or any other custom field, and then sort and filter them instantaneously from the user table. View and engage online users by sending the first message.

  • View online users
  • Sort users by name, email and more
  • Search for users
  • Filter users

Get to Know Your Customers

Improve customer support with more data and automatically gleans useful information about the user. From country to local time, context is key – and our goal is to keep your customers happy in the long term.

  • User OS and browser
  • User location with map
  • User IP, local currency and more
  • User local time and current page
User details

Language detection

Language Detection Artificial Intelligence App Required

Detect the user's language on the fly by analyzing the user's messages. This feature is powered by Google Cloud and can be used in conjunction with real-time message translations.

  • Detect the user's language by analyzing the user's messages
  • Powered by Google Cloud