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V 3.0.8

V 1.0.4

V 1.0.6

V 1.0.0

Human takeover request message.

Fixed bug related to the flash notifications.

Fixed bug that was blocking new breaklines in the textarea of the settings when the ENTER key is pressed.

Fixed bug related to the red notifications counter of the chat bubble.

New fix for the double ENTER press key bug when sending the first message.

Fixed bug related to the last name of the 'update_user()' function.

Fixed bug related to the 'is_agent_typing()' function.

More accurate desktop notifications for the admin area.

New attribute 'payload' for the JS API function 'sendMessage()'.

The 'Timetable message' is now sent also if all agents are offline.

Chips Rich Message improvements.

Improved responsive design of the admin login form.

Improved admin UI.

Fixed bug related to password hash when the password is updated.

Fixed bug related to the WordPress users synchronization.

Fixed bug related to the logout.

New feature to forcing the chat to use always one language.

New feature for Multisite installations to automatically assign a department to each website and route conversations automatically.

New feature for choosing in which pages or post types show, or hide the chat. Warning! This feature is disruptive, and you will need to reset it if you were using it before.

Push notifications via Pusher.

New WEB API function 'push-notification', new JS API method 'SBChat.pushNotification()', new PHP API function 'sb_push_notification()'.

New JS API method 'SBChat.desktopNotification()'.

Option to delete all leads, including all the linked conversations and messages. Option available in Settings > Users > Delete leads.

New JS API AJAX method 'delete-leads', new PHP API function 'sb_delete_leads()'.

Users can now close a conversation and enter in the dashboard from the main header too.

Option to disable the dashboard. Option available in Settings > Chat > Disable dashboard.

Option to set the default notifications icon.

Option to set the title of the admin area.

Display the departments' list in the chat dashboard and force users to choose a department before starting a conversation.

New Rich Message types: video, image, button.

New 'Follow-up message' setting 'Delay'.

New 'Timetable message' setting 'Hide timetable'.

New setting 'Registration link'.

Added Vietnamese and Chinese (simplified) languages.

New API use case: 'Display chat on click'.

Deprecated JS API admin method 'SBConversations.populate()'. This method has been replaced by 'SBConversations.openConversation()'.

Tickets App V 1.0.0 released.

Removed SVG extension from the accepted upload extentions list for security reasons.

Fixed minor cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability related to the registration fields.

Fixed double ENTER press key bug when sending the first message.

Fixed a bug related to the 'New translation' button of the admin settings area.

Fixed a bug that was blocking the display of the images uploaded in the admin settings area if the file name had spaces.

Added default placeholder to the email input of the follow-up message.

Fixed a bug related to the red notifications counter of the new conversations.

Fixed minor bugs related to the privacy message and welcome message.

Fixed minor bugs related to registration process.

Fixed a bug related to a MySQL error on the Users area.

Rich messages' success message is now optional.

RTL setting moved in the 'Design' tab.

Removed users area, edit profile option, docs link, plugin version, updates area from the admin area if the logged-in agent is not an admin.

Improved admin UI.

Updated response of the JS API event: SBConversationOpen.

New setting 'Visitor name prefix'.

New Rich Message type: chips.

New paramters 'onSuccess' for the JS API function 'SBChat.populateConversations()'.

New JS API events for the Tickets App 'SBTicketsInit' and 'SBPanelActive'.

New JS API functions area 'Tickets functions'.

New JS API method 'SBF.getLocationTimeString()'.

New JS API method 'SBChat.submit()'.

New JS API method 'SBChat.getDepartmentCode()'.

New PHP API function 'sb_save_settingss()'.

New JS and WEB API function 'sb-search-user-conversations', new PHP API function 'sb_search_user_conversations()'.

New JS API AJAX function: 'get-agent'.

New WEB API Webhook: new-email-address. New JS API event: SBNewEmailAddress.

Fixed bug that was blocking the saving of the bot message if the Dialogflow response included an audio.

Fixed bug related to the feature: notify agents of a fallback response.

Fixed bug that assign a wrong status code to the new conversations when the option 'Notify agents of a fallback response' is active.

Manual human takeover available by sending a custom payload message, more details in the docs.

Fixed pop-up message layout when the chat position is set to left.

Fixed bug on registration if a user is already registered.

Fixed Rich Message custom success message, it works again.

Larger admin conversation area on smaller screens.

Improved performance and improved compatibility for the CSV exporting process of the users.

Improved admin UI.

Improved media lightbox UI.

New keyboard shortcuts: the admin area now supports navigating between conversations by pressing CTRL + UP/DOWN ARROW, navigating between users by pressing CTRL + RIGHT/LEFT ARROW, deleting or archiving a conversation by pressing CANCEL, and close a lightbox by pressing ESC.

Option to disable the pop-up message only on mobile devices.

Media lightbox available also in the admin area.

Option to hide and disable the chat if no agents are online.

Option to hide and disable the chat if all agents are offline.

Option to enable the registration only if all agents are offline.

New API function 'sb-is-agent-typing' for the JS and WEB API, new API function 'sb_is_agent_typing()' for the PHP API.

Collision detection. Prevent multiple agents from working on the same conversation by showing a label if another agent is writing an answer.

Departments are now fully compatible with the queue.

Added system requirements check in Settings > Miscellaneous.

Fixed bug related to the feature: notify agents of a fallback response.

Human takeover is now persistent on page reload. The bot remains disabled for 1h.

Manual human takeover available by sending a custom payload message.

Bug fix for images upload in admin settings area.

Queue with welcome message enabled now works correctly.

Rich message response of close message now doesn't restart the queue.

Fixed duplicated follow-up messages.

Fixed admin bug on conversations search that was loading all conversations on scroll.

Fixed bug that block articles to show for unicode languages.

Fixed search articles preview description.

Disabled JavaScript execution on message sending.

Fixed bug that display twice the same conversation on the left list of the admin area.

The API is now available.

Added Greek language.

Dropped PHP setting requirement: allow_url_fopen=true.

Update of the function name sb_json_enconde.

Fixed wrong chat height on Firefox.

Fixed empty path on some server.

Email notifications to agents are not sent if the agent is online.

Registration success message is now multilingual.

Admin sound notification for new conversations.

Dropped PHP setting requirement: allow_url_fopen=true.

Improved english translations.

Added few missing translations.

Queue. Proportionally distribute conversations between agents and notifies visitors of their position in the queue.

Close message. Send a message automatically after an agent archive a conversation.

Online status switcher. Agents can now change the status from online to offline from the left menu profile area.

Option to display only the login form instead of the registration one.

Option to enable the registration outside of scheduled office hours only.

New rich message types: card and slider.

Fixed email notifications bug.

Dialogflow unknow answer notification compatibility.

Fixed wrong loading icon color of settings buttons.

Fixed emoji box inverted direction scrolling in Firefox.

Fixed multilingual issue.

Sounds for outgoing and ingoing messages in the admin area.

Email sender name setting.

Fixed agent messages sent as users in admin area.

Bug fix on cURL calls.

Bug fix on office hours and timetable times.

Current URL real-time update fix.

Admin settings area. Repeater items with empty values are now skipped.

Fixed performance issue of users search function in the users admin area.

Fixed security error message.

Auto Support Board user update on WordPress user update.

Compatibiliy with cache plugins js minify and combination.

Bug fix was blocking the auto multilingual.

Minor admin design fixes.

Improved admin area performance.

Custom button text for privacy link.

Email notifications support for UTF-8 contents.

Front end chat animations on outgoing and ingoing messages.

Auto RTL for the languages codes ar, he, ku, fa, ur.

Browser, Language and OS preview icons in user details admin area.

Improved performance for slow connections.

Typing status improvement and bot typing status integration.

Custom registration button text.

Follow up message now send email notifications to agents after user email submission.

Auto pagination of the left conversations list in admin area.

Auto pagination of the users table in admin area.

Sending message status.

Upload attachments of admin and chat via Drag and Drop.

Sounds for outgoing messages.

Welcome message delay and trigger options.

Option to disable the chat file upload button.

Option to replace the Support Board logo of the admin login area with your logo.

Fixed double message error if Intent include Google Assistant response.

Dialogflow option Set this intent as end of conversation is now recognized by Support Board.

User attachments are now sent to Dialogflow.

Intent box layout optimizaion.

Fixed corrupted links sent from Slack.

Fixed attachment close icon position.

Conversations search on admin area is now case-insensitive.

Minor layout updates.

Fixed wrong header on cross-origin requests.

Fixed wrong UTC offset on data and time on older iPhones.

Bug fix on installation for some MySQL configuration.

Bug fix that scroll to the bottom of the chat for each survey response.

Bug fix that display the chat editor when an article or panel is open from a conversation.

Additional fields on registration form are now displaied correctly.

Bug fix on importing WordPress users.

Layout and scroll improvements.

Dates now always display hours and minutes.

Admin notification when an email is sent to a user.

Improved admin UI.

New keyboard shortcuts: the admin area now supports sending messages by pressing ENTER and inserting a new breakline in the message by pressing CTRL + ENTER.

Chat and conversation open/close status are now saved and applied on page reload.

Departments. Assign departments to agents and filter conversations by departments. Send conversations to different departments.

Option to disable the last name in the registration form.

Option to archive automatically the conversations marked as read every 24h.

Agents can now add new Dialogflow Intents from user's messages.

Option notify agents by email and mark the conversation as waiting for reply only if the bot doesn't know the answer to the user question.

Support Board V 3.0.0 released.

Desk mode is deprecated and no more available.

Changelog of versions prior to 3.0.0 are not showed here.

Slack App V 1.0.0 released.

Dialogflow App V 1.0.0 released.