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Smart Chat for

The only chat integration for OpenCart on the market! Increase sales, use bots and connect in real-time with your customers by integrating OpenCart with Support Board.

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OpenCart details

Customers Real-Time Synchronization

Support Board automatically identifies the logged-in OpenCart customer, including user details, and registers them on the Support Board. You can also manually import existing customers with one click.

  • OpenCart user sync
  • Logged-in user detection
  • Manually import users
  • Multistore support

Customer Shop Details

View your customers' details, like orders history and products in the cart, directly in the admin area in real-time. No more time wasted searching for information. This tool boosts productivity and response time.

  • View customer total spend
  • View customer orders history
  • View order details
  • View customer cart products
OpenCart panel

Tickets Area

Add a professional tickets area powered by the Tickets App in your shop. Automate and save time.

Compatible With Other Apps

Install other apps like Tickets or Slack apps and give more power to your support system with new features.

Coming soon

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