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Smart Chat for
Active eCommerce

The only chat integration for Active eCommerce on the market! Increase sales, use bots and connect in real-time with your customers by integrating Active eCommerce with Support Board.

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Active eCommerce
Active eCommerce

Smart Bot

Save time and money by letting the bot do the hard work for you and answering repetitive questions automatically.

Login Form

Active eCommerce customers can log in directly from within the chat or tickets area with their email and password.

Import admins

One-click staff and admin users importing in Support Board. Automatic user type assignment as agent or admin.

Active eCommerce details

Customers Real-Time Synchronization

Support Board automatically identifies the logged-in Active eCommerce customer, including user details, and registers them on the Support Board. You can also manually import existing customers with one click.

  • Active eCommerce user sync
  • Logged-in user detection
  • Login form within the chat
  • Manually import users

Customer Shop Details

View your customers' details, like orders history and products in the cart, directly in the admin area in real-time. No more time wasted searching for information. This tool boosts productivity and response time.

  • View customer lifetime total spend
  • View customer orders history
  • View products in the customer cart
Active eCommerce panel

Active eCommerce sellers

Private Chat for Each Seller

Allow sellers to get in touch with their customers. Sellers can only see conversations of users writing from their product pages. You can also sync sellers with one-click. It's simple and fast.

  • Seller-customers communication
  • Restricted admin access for sellers
  • Import sellers with one-click

Ready To Use

Show the chat automatically and only to logged-in users or everyone. Tickets are automatically restricted.

Tickets Area

Add a professional tickets area powered by the Tickets App in your shop. Automate and save time.

Compatible With Other Apps

Install other apps like Tickets or Slack apps and give more power to your support system with new features.

Demos and screenshots

Take a look at the screenshots. Chat, admin, and tickets are always the same! You can try the admin demo here, and the clients chat on this page on bottom right, or by clicking here.