Sell Support Board to your customers under your own brand, domain, and pricing

Reseller Version

  • One-time payment of only 199 USD + 10% fee
  • We handle all the technical aspects
  • We take care of installation, setup, and maintenance
  • We cover hosting costs
  • No coding or server management skills required
  • Switch to the SaaS version at any time
  • Cheaper than the SaaS version
  • License to copy and use our website
  • Set your pricing and your membership plans
  • Referral program for your customers
  • Ready to use WordPress plugin
  • Use your own domain and branding
  • All supported apps are included
  • Ready to use payment, invoicing and subscriptions system
  • White Label paid option for your customers
  • Available payment methods: Stripe, Rapyd

How It Works

1. Pay a one-time fee of 199 USD

Make the one-time payment of 199 USD here. After the purchase send the license key to You will also have to pay us the 10% fee when you start generating revenue. More details here.

2. Send us the required information and wait

After receiving your license key, we will request additional information such as your brand name and logos. Once we have all the required details, we will set up your Support Board business within 48 hours.

3. Start selling

After completing the setup we will send you the login details for the admin area and documentation with instructions on how to use it (it's very simple). From the admin area, you will manage your customers, notifications, subscription plans, pricing, and more. Once you've finished setting the latest settings, you're ready to start selling!

More Information

The 10% fee

When you sell Support Board Cloud memberships to your customers, you will be charged a fixed fee of 10% on the earnings. For example, if you sell a plan of 10 USD per month, you will have to pay us 1 USD per month till the user membership is active. The full amount of your customers' subscription revenues goes into your Stripe / Rapyd account. An invoice will be sent to you either monthly or when your trades reach a minimum threshold of 50USD, detailing the total amount owed to us (10%). You will pay us manually via card, crypto, or bank transfer. You won't owe us anything if you don't generate any revenue.

Managed by us

We manage the hosting, installation, setup, maintenance, and updates of your Support Board business. We will keep Support Board and the apps updated automatically. You just have to worry about selling.

Limited customization power

The reseller version is hosted on our servers and you do not have access to the source code. You can only apply custom CSS and JS code to the chat widget and the admin area. Alternatively, you can choose the SaaS version. It is fully managed by you and you can fully customize it and add new features.

Resell by purchasing Regular Licenses

Keep in mind that you can also resell Support Board by purchasing a Regular License for each of your clients. In such a case you do not need the Saas or Reseller version. You will have to make a new dedicated installation of the Support Board PHP or WP version for each of your clients. If you buy 10+ licenses, you will get a 50% discount for both Support Board and the apps.

Choose your preferred business model

Charge your customers based on the number of users, the number of monthly messages sent or a combination of agents and messages quotas. Example #1: $5 a month for 2 registered agents, $10 a month for 4 registered agents. Example #2: $5 a month for 50 registered users, $10 a month for 100 registered users. Example #3: $5 a month for 500 messages per month, $10 a month for 1000 messages per month.

Free plan

You can set a free plan.

Membership renewal and upgrade

When the membership quota is full or the membership is expired, the admin area, Slack, and chatbots are disabled. The chat widget continues to work, but new messages cannot be seen or replied to. Customers receive email alerts at 90% and 100% quota usage or when the membership is expired.

Credits system

Increase revenue and improve Support Board usability by sharing your OpenAI and Google accounts with your users. This way, users can simply activate the desired features without dealing with complex synchronization. Users must purchase credits and will be charged according to their usage. As the credits are priced twice as high as OpenAI and Google you earn more when users buy credits. This feature is optional and users can still use the services by using their own OpenAI, Google accounts and API keys.

Apps are included

The following apps are included in the purchase and you do not have to buy them (total value of 194 USD): Artificial Intelligence, Slack, Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, Telegram, Twitter, Viber, LINE, WeChat, Google Business Message, Tickets, Zendesk. The other apps are not compatible with the reseller version.

Payment methods information

With Stripe your customers can only pay via credit / debit card and Google Pay. With Rapyd your customers can also pay via multiple local payment methods available in their country, like cash, Alipay, eWallets, and much more. Stripe / Rapyd will handle all online international taxes, payments, all subscription activities such as dispute, chargeback, user subscription cancellation, update, renew, monthly payments for you. Some feature is not available in Rapyd. If none of the payment methods are available in your country, you can still onboard customers by activating a membership manually from the admin area.

Affiliate system

A basic affiliate system available. Affiliates earn a commission set by you on any first membership purchase they refer.


All languages are supported. You have the ability to choose a default language other than English.


To see a demo of the customers area, register for a free account on our SaaS version at Your one will have the same functionalities, but with your branding. With the reseller dashboard, you can manage your customers, memberships, pricing, email notifications, and more. While there is no demo available, we can provide you with screenshots: .

Personal use

You have the option to download Support Board for your personal use at no additional cost. You can select either the PHP or WP version. Once downloaded, you can easily install it on your hosting and use it on your own website.