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A Better Way to Connect with Customers

Support Board offers a seamless user experience thanks to its beautiful design, performance, stability and innovative features – all of them built with the user in mind. Explore our features now.

WordPress Chat powered

Rich messages

Rich Messages and Surveys

Engage users with more than 6 Rich Messages types, and combine them to create surveys. Innovative insertion where users can paste a shortcode directly in the message. Custom rich messsages are available as well.

  • 8+ Rich Message types
  • Surveys
  • Rich messages as shortcode
  • More features coming soon

Registration and Login

We offer complete user management. Allow visitors to register and log in directly from the chat. Personalize the registration form with custom fields, and require registration before starting a chat.

  • Registration and login system
  • Require registration before starting the chat
  • Custom fields
Registration and login

Multilingual chat

Multilingual and RTL

Support Board is fully multilingual, with RTL direction and translations in 19 languages. You can add new translations to make your custom content multilingual. Automatic language detection solutions are available.

  • Already translated in 19 languages
  • Option to easily add new languages
  • Automatic language detection

Knowledge Base

Provide faster help for customers and fewer questions for your agents with the integrated knowledge base. Create a help center area accessible from within the chat in a few minutes. More features available in the future.

  • Fast and easy management
  • Search articles widget
  • Insert videos, images, and any HTML code
Knowledge Base


Don't lose visitors. Actively engage them instead with a complete set of notifications.


Alert users and agents via email each time a new message comes in.

Push Notifications

Alert users and agents via Push Notifications for each new message.

Desktop Notifications

Alert users and agents via text message each time a new message comes in.

SMS Notifications

Alert users and agents via text message each time a new message comes in.

Flash Notifications

Update the browser tab title each time a new message is received.


Play a sound on receipt of every new message.

Red Counter

Display a red circle with the current number of unread messages.

Agents and admins

All notification types are available also in the admin area.

More are coming

More notification types are coming in future versions. Stay tuned!

Popup Message

Display a popup message with text and a profile image each time a user visits your website.

Welcome Message

Send a welcome message when a user starts the first conversation or opens the chat.

Privacy and GDPR

Ask visitors to accept the terms of service and privacy policy before starting a chat.

Chat design

Design Customization

Customize your chat design and layout to create your own branded chat. Change colors and images in just one click. If you need to edit the CSS, the process is easy! Your license allows for all types of customization.

  • Set the header background image
  • Change agents or brand headers
  • Adjust colors
  • Fully White-label


Let's your users choose the right department before starting a conversation. Assign departments to agents so they will have access only to the conversations assigned to them. More details here.

  • Let's users choose departments
  • Route conversations to the right agent
  • Set department image
Chat Departments

Additional Features

You'll love our vast set of features. There will be even more of them available in the future.

White Label

Fully white label without the Support Board logo or text.

Online and Typing Status

Users can see when agents are online – and when they're typing a new message.

Attachments, Media and Lightbox

Send multiple attachments and media. Open and view images in a lightbox.

Office Hours and Timetable

Dynamic timetable that displays office hours in the user's local time.


Our panel is fully responsive and optimized for smartphones and tablets.


Support Board works with all major browsers including Safari and Opera.