Support Board Product Roadmap 2022

Find out what we have in store for the future. At Support Board, the roadmap is based on customer feedback, marketing and revenue goals, and technical factors.

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Support Board Roadmap

The improvements and timing of this roadmap may change


Q1-Q2 2022

Support Board Cloud Improvements

Make the final changes and bug fixes of Support Board Cloud version. Add new payments methods and new business model options.


Q3-Q4 2022

YouTube Documentation

Create comprehensive video documentation for Support Board with step-by-step videos of key features. The documentation will be available on YouTube.


Q1 2023

CRM Integrations And More

Develop new integrations for the major CRMs, and for the latest messaging apps like Google Business Messages.


Q2 2023

Improve Existing Features

Make the existing features even better by optimizing every detail and by improving the UX. Major design improvements are expected as well.