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Some feature is not available in the cloud version, more details here.

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Support Board For WordPress

  • One-time payment
  • Lifetime license
  • Lifetime updates
  • 6 months premium support
  • WP version

On-premises version. Apps are not included and must be purchased separately here.

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All messages are counted: chat messages from agents and users, direct messages, messages from users and agents, messages from the Dialogflow chatbot, and automatic messages like the welcome message.

Monthly cost Yearly cost Quota
Free Free 50 messages a month
5 USD 50 USD 5000 messages a month
7 USD 70 USD 7000 messages a month
10 USD 100 USD 10000 messages a month
15 USD 150 USD 20000 messages a month
20 USD 200 USD 25000 messages a month
25 USD 250 USD 35000 messages a month
30 USD 300 USD 50000 messages a month
40 USD 400 USD 70000 messages a month
60 USD 600 USD 100000 messages a month
80 USD 800 USD 150000 messages a month
120 USD 1200 USD 200000 messages a month
230 USD 2300 USD 500000 messages a month

The features below are not available in the cloud version of Support Board.

  • Source code editing
  • Fully white label

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