Support Desk

Help your users with a chat inspired support system that work instantaneously by just insert the shortcode.

Instant installation and usage by just insert the shortcode.

Integrate a multilangual bot powered by Dialogflow.

Alert users and agents by email when a reply is received.

Fast, powerful and simple to use tickets system.

Add and edit users and agents on the admin side.

Indipendent users system, add, edit, delete users and agents.

WordPress version support also the original WordPress users.

Both front-end and admin side, front end already translated.

Built-in users system or
WordPress users (only WordPress version)

The indipendent users system provided by Support Board is available for both the PHP and the WordPress versions. With WordPress you can use also the original users of WordPress. If the user is not logged the login form is automatically showed, if you choose the WordPress users system you can set the login page you prefer.

Built-in users system
  • Ready login and registration, with forms.
  • Custom registration form, include 4 extra registration fields, optional profile image, login with username or email.
  • Fast and simple user management.
WordPress users system
  • Login with the WordPress users.
  • Compatibility with other tools like Woocommerce.

Scroll box and layouts

Create stunning layouts with just a click. You can activate the scroll box, a feature that create a scrollable area for the conversation, the scroll box is customizable with 30+ options and can be fullscreen, this feature avoid the scroll of the parent page. If you not want a scroll box you can remove it. You can also set desk width and colors.

Show or hide the profile image on registration and conversation.

Change the color, the layout and the text of the chat.

Simple to use but powerful api are available.

New awesome features will be available in future.