Bot integration, multilingual, dedicated members system and much more. The features of this page are part of both chat and support desk.



Install the plugin and activate it like any other plugin.


Insert the shortcode into the page you want.


You're done, it just work without further settings.

Out of the box

Instant installation and usage by just insert the shortcode. Loss of time and frustration eliminated forever.

Indipendent users system, add, edit, delete users and agents.

WordPress version support also the original WordPress users.

Integrate a multilanguage bot powered by Dialogflow.

Alert users and agents by email when a reply is received.

Push notifications for agents and users when a reply is received.

Multiple files attachments, link recognition and clean design.

Both front-end and admin side, front end already translated.

Add and edit users and agents on the admin side.

Fast, powerful and simple to use tickets system.

Chat and support desk are fully responsive on tablet and phones.

Texts and images are automatically converted.

Great customizations options like colors, layouts and sizes.

Send and receive user messages directly from Slack. Full synchronization allow to communicate with your users directly from Slack in real-time. Every user use a dedicated Slack channel and guest users are automatically registered. The setting up is easy and fast, it require 30 seconds. Forget the WordPress or the PHP dashboard forever and use Slack on desktop or smartphone.

  • Send message to users in real-time.
  • Receive message from users in real-time.
  • Send and receive attachments.
  • Dialogflow bot integration.
  • 30 seconds setting up.
  • WordPress and built-in users synchronization, name and profile image.
  • Desktop app for Windows and Mac.
  • Mobile app for Android and iOS.
  • Backup of all conversations into WordPress or MySQL database for PHP.
  • The cheapest prices on the market.

App for Windows and Mac

Slack within your browser

App for Android and iOS

Bot integration with Dialogflow

Integrate a bot that can reply automatically to your customers. Dialogflow by Google is the most powerful solution for develop bots and it's fully integrated with Support Board, the integration is immediate and require only to insert the access token and select the bot language. The bot can send attachments, rich messages and can be multilingual. If the bot is not able to answer the message is sent automatically to a human agent. The bot look like a human agent and all the bot's messages are saved into the ticket conversation.

  • Rich messages sending, list of options or buttons.
  • Instant integration by just insert the access token and select the bot language.
  • Multilingual bots with WPML, one different bot for every language.
  • Bot can send attachments with the sintax [files name|link name|link ...].
  • Complete integration including the webhooks.


Fast, powerful and simple to use tickets system. Users ask support through the support board or by chat. A chat inspired system guarantee the max simplicity and conversation speed. A clean and modern design is perfect for every business. Users can send multiple attachments of any file type. On the admin side the agents use a simple but powerful panel with the list of the messages organized by user.

  • Multiple files attachments.
  • Link recognition.
  • Real-time conversations.

Multilingual and RTL

Support Board is fully translatable on both admin and front-end sides. The plugin is 100% compatible with WPML and Right To Left direction can be activated with one click. The frond-end is already translated in 13 languages: english, spanish, chinese (simplified 简体中文), chinese (traditional 繁體中文), arabic (العربية), portuguese, dutch, russian, japanese, italian, deutsch, french, polish.

  • Front-end and admin side fully translatable.
  • Front-end already translated in 13 languages.
  • Multilingual bot with WPML.
  • RTL direction.

Admin panel

A powerful but simple to use administration panel provide all the required features.



Flashing notifications to tab title when a new message is received.

Show only the tickets area to not administrator users.

Only 14KB of CSS and JS after minify and gzip compression.

New awesome features will be available in future.